~And we're back

Until recently, work on this site and updates to it have been sparse. I apologize for this, to those chance few who might actually check for updates. The good news is, we now have some! The best place to check my code would be the GitHub link, however I don't commit often and only have a few projects active on there. As of this writing the biggest thing I am working on frequently is a (Python + Flask) application I am using to play with Koding.com I am using git to sync my code with Koding's VM for the project. Additionally, I have recently begun playing with the Unity engine quite a bit, and hope to be working on some Tech Demos and maybe even a game in the nearfar future.

I will hopefully have more updates soon, and may be adding a blog on for more frequent content.

In the mean time, you may visit some of my friends and colleagues...

  1. Debian Addict - Joe Gilloti
  2. Disillusion.us - Jeff Toth
  3. Marc With a C
  4. Session Solutions - Jonathan Singer