I’m Charles Corbett, I am a Sr. DevOps Engineer (but we all know that title doesn’t mean much – but I do both GoLang development and SRE work)

On the side, I

  • Have a wonderful daughter
  • Have a loving wife
  • Write
  • Make/record music
  • Code
  • Play Games (RTS / Survival favorites)
  • Try to make games
  • Enjoy stout beers
  • camp, sometimes
  • Restore antique tools
  • Go to antique shows
  • Enjoy Flea Markets
  • Deal in antiques in general

Yes, I’m using wordpress. Yes it’s kind of crappy. But if you know enough to know why it isn’t ideal then  you also know how much work goes into doing something without it with this level of customizability. And you also probably know that if you have any interests in doing non-tech things after work, sometimes using the easy thing is just more viable.


I do it sometimes. It’s fun. I camped here on this lake once.


I’m  a serial project starter.

But some I stick to.

Currently, outside of my work, I’m building a wood working shop. I’m also collecting and restoring antique tools to use in it. You can find information about that over at https://www.corbettmade.com

I also sometimes play around trying to develop games for fun with friends. We haven’t really made anything noteworthy, and likely never will. (I also do open source software there sometimes). You can find information about that over at http://www.gestaltengine.com/

I also make music, which can be found at http://www.omaroutfit.com/

I also co-invented a fake programming language as satire, it’s called Jave

I used to play around with cars more, but having a daughter changes things a bit. I still would want to, but just can’t justify the expense for the things I would want to do. Track days can end up really expensive.


A random excerpt

It took several cold minutes for Simon to relight the fire, nurse the flame, and then bank it to last the rest of the night. He sat beside it for some time, holding his hands as close to the flame as he dared, as he warmed enough to get to work. He navigated around various …


The best way to contact me is through various social media, depending on the purpose.

If you are a recruiter with a professional inquiry for a position, you can check out my LinkedIN which is my definitive resume and point of contact.

If you want to talk antiques / antique tools, you can hit me up on instagram, twitter, email, or wherever.